Good Thing I’m Not Religious

It was a bright beautiful summer day and my best friend Marco and I were up to our same old routine. We had just gotten back from the candy store with enough candy to make a dentist very rich and were about to spend the rest of the weekend in my basement attempting to reach a new level of unimaginable chaos in our favorite zombie game. As always before starting our conquest of the undead world we took some time to help my mom with some small tasks to make her happy enough not to bother us for the long hours of death and frustration ahead. My mom at the time owned her own daycare and was in the process of moving to a new, bigger location. So she asked us to help her move the last few boxes out for her. We gladly hopped on our bikes and went to the address she wrote down for us.

My moms first daycare was in the basement of a church, so for two young 15 year old boys it was not the most exciting place to be on a Friday. we quickly stumbled in the back door and made are way down the stairs. the boxes were already packed so we both grabbed one and began to walk out. We both took about three steps before simultaneously stopping. Just above the back door was a big, bright, shinny EXIT sign. We both dropped our boxes and ran to the back door. we looked at each other and began examining the how the sign.


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