I chose to try and imitate Stan Lee. His style includes incredible description and the ability to always slip in a quick joke to make his main characters seem above the villein.

It was a warm and sunny day in the small town of Sept-Iles and the students in a small high school were about to be let out for there summer vacation. They were all excited but none more than a boy by the name of Randy Richards. Randy was a short kid who didn’t have many friends, but what he  lacked in friends he more than made up for in intelligence. He was ecstatic to escape the confines of the school and have free time to work on his new design. Randy’s dad passed away when Randy was only 10 and now he spends all his time locked up in his dads old workshop building what ever he could. he found one of his dads designs and with a little help form his uncle who was a university professor he managed to improve upon and nearly complete his first prototype sonic hammer. With the extra time he would get from getting out of school


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