lab 4

Part 2) Before 1994, diabetes in children was generally caused by a genetic disorder — only about 5 percent of childhood cases were obesity-related, or Type 2, diabetes. Today, according to the National Institutes of Health, Type 2 diabetes accounts for at least 30 percent of all new childhood cases of diabetes in this country.

Part 3)  My parents were split up, my dad off trying to rebuild his life, my mom working long hours to make the monthly bills. Lunch and dinner, for me, was a daily choice between McDonald’s, Taco Bell, Kentucky Fried Chicken or Pizza Hut. Then as now, these were the only available options for an American kid to get an affordable meal. By age 15, I had packed 212 pounds of torpid teenage tallow on my once lanky 5-foot-10 frame.

Part 4) I learned how to manage my diet. But most of the teenagers who live, as I once did, on a fast-food diet won’t turn their lives around: They’ve crossed under the golden arches to a likely fate of lifetime obesity.

Part 5)  Kids taking on McDonald’s this week, suing the company for making them fat. Isn’t that like middle-aged men suing Porsche for making them get speeding tickets? Whatever happened to personal responsibility?

Part 7)

I am a third year Dawson Mech. Tech. who has competed and captained a team in the CRC robotics competition for 2 years now. Being there and experiencing the vibe of the entire building over the three day event has truly given me an incite of the emotions and struggles every team goes through.

Part 8)

every year thousands of young and hopeful students compete in the CRC Robotics competition and without fault every team has to watch there hard work fail miserably in some way. Building a robot is easy, but building it so that it works every time it steps on the court and has to preform, well… that’s the hard part. There is nothing more humiliating than having your beautiful creation thrash out of control or worse, do nothing as the starting horn sounds. except having it do it in front of the thousands of judgmental eyes of your peers.

Part 9)

The feeling when you win the competition or even just place within the top 3 teams is a lot like winning a novel prize. If someone is within the community of winners they will stop to congratulate you, But everyone ells in the world just ignores you like some other nerd in the street.


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