Lab 5

Step 1: The author blended his research into his article by using hyperlinks and carefully crafted paragraphs that allow the reader to see that his sources are “professionals”. he uses examples of every day experiences to strike your attention and then when he has your curiosity he shows you a bunch of big names that seem inexpressive to help you believe what he is saying. Personally  I thought the text flowed very well and was crafted in such a way that you didn’t really notice what he was trying to do unless your really paying attention.

Step 2: Robotics competitions might seem a little nerdy for most people but you might be surprised to find all sorts of people enjoying the show. in fact over 70% of the fans sitting in the stands have had nothing to do with the robots competing. they often only show up to see the hard work fail miserably and see the creativity and ingenuity of these young minds. a great example of these types of fans is the CRC robotics competition.  At this event you will find your typical geek and of course the proud parents of one of the builders, but you will also find school sports teams, high school classes on outings, and a melody of random people who just show up to watch. The question you might be asking is why… i mean why would someone who has nothing to do with something so specific get out of bed at 7 in the morning and go sit on a hard wooden bench for hours? who in there right minds would waist there time watching some thing like that? then again robotics a a very specific example.

In the world of sports you will find the most loyal of fans hands down. there is no other event in the world that has as many insane people do such stupid things over a game. there have been riots, fights and death that have been caused because a team lost. so the question here is what turns these average people into crazed angry savages? according to this article by Bleacher report its all because of a false sense of right and wrong caused by the communal excitement. the article Wait But Why By Tim Urban describes this communal excitement as a large group of people who are so excited that they become a mob waiting for orders and nothing is wrong because its all a “celebration”.


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