Lab 6

Step 1: My program allows me to manipulate and improve the world surrounding people in my given specialty.

Mechanical engineering allows me to improve the life of many through change in technology and the use of a creative mind.

Step 2: CRC robotics and the fans that come to watch leads to How people love new robotic innovations. this will lead into the coolest of these innovations, Personal Flight. Why do they care? who dose not want to be able to fly.

Talk about how 20 years ago that these kids are doing and making would have been cutting edge

Step 4: A man is cleaning the windows of a 50 story tower when suddenly one of the ropes holding the lift snaps. The man is left dangling above the side walk with hundreds of unsuspecting citizens walking toward there busy lives bellow. A woman from a lower floor sees the man swinging from his safety harness through the window and frantically calls 911. the fire department arrives on seine only to discover the man is to high for even the longest of there ladders. As the brave men bellow began to think of other ways to get to him a voice called out from the back of the fire truck. The captain of the men stepped out laughing. The men looked at him in shame and disbelief as the captain had strapped the jet pack to himself. The men couldn’t believe they all forgot about there trusty flight packs, and as the men Slowly packed up the truck the captain flew up and rescued the man with great ease.

Your running late for work again and your boss is going to kill you if you miss the big meeting, and the elevator in your condo is broken, again. You start to run through your options ” car? no it rush hour. OH i know metro, But what if it has a delay…again. Got it!!” you run over to the closet and slap on your flight pack.”Man i’m dumb haha, how did i forget about my new toy”. You run out the window and bam! you soaring over all the morning traffic straight to your office window. Throw it under your desk when you get in and your good to go.


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