lab #8

part 1

how close are we to being able to fly and how will it directly effect you.

do you have a car? do you get stuck in traffic?

Who dosen’t want to be able to fly.

is it possible?

how soon?

What is the cost?

part 2-3

1) kids flying around instead of using bikes.

2) fire man saving someone from a tall building.

3) cat in a tree.

4) flying over traffic.

5) construction workers building something.

6) saving children lost in the woods.

7) military dominance

part 4

1) general life with personal flight crafts.

2) then slide that into the utility of having them and situations where they become very useful.

3-4) convenience in everyday life, even to the normal est of people.

5) advantages in speed and safety in the public industry.

6) Making things easier and more efficient.

7) Being bad ass in the skies


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