lab 9

I was at a a science convention in the states bouncing from one exciting new invention to the next when I heard the loudest screams of excitement i have ever heard in my life. I ran to see what i though would be a horrific site of a mangled man who’s machine malfunctioned and torn off an arm or something,to my disappointment I instead found a lard group of the nerdiest people you could find gathered around a tall strong looking man with a helmet on. I began to turn and walk away thinking it was just some new car that I could see when the crowd has passed when I heard what I could only imagine was a jet engine that must have some how gotten into the building. I quickly turned to see the strong man from the crowd buzzing over my head with a honest to god jet pack strapped to his back! I stood there like the kid from free willy watching as he passed over me in slow motion with my eyes glistening with pure excitement. It was in those few seconds that I fell head over heals in love with flying. I knew right then and there that i was going to do everything in my power to build my very own jet pack.

Today I am a mechanical engineering student at Dawson who has recently been accepted to Concordia University to further study engineering.


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