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lad 11

Up Up and Away

Good Morning Mr Jetson

How Can I Fly

The Future… Today?

Personal Flight, More Possible Than You Think

Never Have a Car Accident Again

Reduced Taxes!?!?

Price of Gas…Who Cares?

Roads…What Are Roads?

Simple Invention, Big Effects

lab 10


investing in the development of personal flight vehicles can prove to be extremely useful in a modern world with over populated cities and a crumbling ecosystem. Hopefully we will all get behind this old idea and give it a life outside of the comic books so that every kid can fly like a bird.

Reading Responce #10

Kirk Elsmore

First I would like to tell you I have been described as an art hater by many of my friends and if your goal is to prove to someone who truly doesn’t care about are that it is important then I am probably one of the people you really want to test it on. I truly look forward to see how you will convince me.

I read your second draft and was very impressed at how you made the piece flow. It is defiantly a smooth piece of writing. With that said I found you main topic idea (why does performance art matter in the world) clear and easy to understand. I especially enjoyed your description of your teacher with the “long and confusing name”. I found it very relatable and a very good way to allow the reader to connect to what you’re saying.

One thing I had trouble understanding was your broader themes. I found it really hard to make a distinction from your main theme and any other idea in your text. For example in the paragraph about “the cutting piece” you started to explain how it might help empower feminism but then quickly finish the paragraph without explaining how much good (if any) these performances can really do for specific groups. You also did the same thing in the paragraph directly after this one. You gave me a taste of a broader theme then took it away before I could really wrap my head around it.

I feel like your biggest hurdle is going to be getting everyday people who don’t understand the point in performance art to get a good idea of why people do it. As someone who doesn’t share your passion for it I can tell you some people just don’t see the point. That said I found myself listening to what you had to say and in reading this essay I feel like I have a much better understanding behind why they do all this.

Also just as a personal note. Anyone who likes the Beatles will probably hate Yoko Ono haha. I know I do.

lab 9

I was at a a science convention in the states bouncing from one exciting new invention to the next when I heard the loudest screams of excitement i have ever heard in my life. I ran to see what i though would be a horrific site of a mangled man who’s machine malfunctioned and torn off an arm or something,to my disappointment I instead found a lard group of the nerdiest people you could find gathered around a tall strong looking man with a helmet on. I began to turn and walk away thinking it was just some new car that I could see when the crowd has passed when I heard what I could only imagine was a jet engine that must have some how gotten into the building. I quickly turned to see the strong man from the crowd buzzing over my head with a honest to god jet pack strapped to his back! I stood there like the kid from free willy watching as he passed over me in slow motion with my eyes glistening with pure excitement. It was in those few seconds that I fell head over heals in love with flying. I knew right then and there that i was going to do everything in my power to build my very own jet pack.

Today I am a mechanical engineering student at Dawson who has recently been accepted to Concordia University to further study engineering.

lab #8

part 1

how close are we to being able to fly and how will it directly effect you.

do you have a car? do you get stuck in traffic?

Who dosen’t want to be able to fly.

is it possible?

how soon?

What is the cost?

part 2-3

1) kids flying around instead of using bikes.

2) fire man saving someone from a tall building.

3) cat in a tree.

4) flying over traffic.

5) construction workers building something.

6) saving children lost in the woods.

7) military dominance

part 4

1) general life with personal flight crafts.

2) then slide that into the utility of having them and situations where they become very useful.

3-4) convenience in everyday life, even to the normal est of people.

5) advantages in speed and safety in the public industry.

6) Making things easier and more efficient.

7) Being bad ass in the skies

other class

Emerging Technologies

Michael Fontanals

Part 1

Personal Flight

Personal flight can include a variety of cool toys and interesting gadgets. Anywhere from flying cars to miniature helicopters to, yes you guessed it, jet packs. Lucky for us you can even buy some of these flying machines but they will cost you quite a bit.

Personal fling is defined by 3 factors. The first is that it can only support one person in the vehicle at a time. Sounds silly but that is one of the factors that would allow you to fly these awesome contraptions without a piloting license. If you were to have passengers then you would no longer be classes as a recreational vehicle and there for you would have to comply with transportation laws. So don’t get carried away thinking you will be picking up chicks from the sky just yet.

The second is the weight of the flying machine. Once again if the weight is to hi then it gets classes as a flying vehicle and not an ultralight air craft. These restrictions help the government stop people from “pimping there ride” so that they can lift more weight. The last thing anyone wants is a 4 tone monster falling out of the sky on every street corner.

Lastly a personal flight pack must have the necessary safety equipment to prevent the flyer from causing harm to himself and others. Many of the new company’s producing prototypes for a jet pack are even including the air traffic controllers to avoid in air collisions with low flying plains and choppers. Most importantly though is the limitation on vertical decent. You are allowed to lift and lower your craft vertically but there are speed and force limitations so that you don’t wreck whatever is under you when you land and take off.

There are 3 main categories of personal flight vehicles that are available today. The first is a no cover frame. It is exactly what it sounds like. Your body is exposed to the elements and the propulsion is strapped to your back or feet. This is obviously the coolest but the least comfortable.

The second is a tight body frame. This means that you are typically lying down during flight and don’t really have very much wiggle room. This may prove difficult for anyone who doesn’t like tight places for very long. The advantage of this is you have some protection from the wind and rain.

The last category is the shell frame flyers. These are the flying machines that push the limit of the weight limits and are also the most comfortable. Often having internal heating and upright seats, it is easy to see why people enjoy them. They are the most expensive of the three and they are not very small at all. Most are the size of a van and use folding wings to make storing easier.