First draft

CRC Actimania 2015

The Computer Robotics Control competition or CRC is a yearly contest between rivaling Colleges and high schools throughout Quebec. Every year the schools must form a team of incredibly dedicated, supremely intelligent, and most importantly, fantastically insane students who are willing and ready to take on the ever increasing challenge that is CRC.

Dawson has competed in the competition for the past 8 years but unfortunately they never got anyone’s attention. Though they did well they never were able to break the top 5 marker, because of this most other competitors considered the Dawson team as a “non-fighter”.  In CRC language this means that the Dawson team doesn’t have the necessary qualities to take anyone of the top 5 teams out, but that quickly changed. In the 2014 competition Dawson decided to shatter convention and give the task of building the robot to a record breaking small team of three. This was a shock because of the fact that all the top 5 teams had over 20 students working day and night for months on their robot.  Often they would have entire teams for the electrical components alone. As you might have guessed they all assumed Dawson was giving up on the competition and didn’t really have a real team anymore, But they were very, very wrong.

The team was made up of the most unlikely three students you would ever think to find in the Dawson basement. The first was Roland, a 6’ 4” tall giant who was capable of crafting metal into any component he desired.  He was the only being capable of spending hours forging the incredibly complex components needed by the other two. The second was Mike, known as a fantastic problem solver and master designer, he was able to not only solve any problem but do it in ways that only the psychotic would even dare try. Last but not least is Joel. He was a cryptic being who spoke only in riddles. Very few truly understood him but those who did understood his mastery of the electrical world that he surrounded himself with.

These three men spent months hidden away in the cold windowless basement of Dawson planning and crafting the beautiful beast known only as “The Ruby of Dawson”. Her sharp, light and incredibly strong extruded aluminum frame gave her the power to withstand any impact and deliver a devastating blow to all who stood to close.  Her tower stood five feet tall and capable of lifting 100 pounds with ease and precision. Her bright green jaws could crush even the strongest of boxes. Ruby was truly a force to be reckoned with.

First draft take 2  Where did the idea come from (for me) expand all ideas into paragraphs.

I am a mechanical engineering student at Dawson who for the past 3 years has been building and competing in robotics competitions throughout Canada. For the last year i have been taking an interest in the possibility of having some form of personal flight. Though there are still many boundaries to cross before it becomes wide spread, the idea if everyone being able to fly from one house to the next is becoming more and more possible everyday.

Some people might be wondering why they should care about personal flight and the simple answer is that it is extremely cool. What kid has never thought of being able to fly. Even if you look at it in a purely functional light it can be a great asset to the world. first off they would have to be electric because having a fuel tank is heavy and modern combustion is just not viable to produce the lift or range needed. that means that we wont be producing green house gasses and we all want that. secondly that would reduce the need for road ways and expensive bridges. not to mention no more pot holes. No need for salt in the winter and plowing the streets, having personal flight would be much cheaper on the governments budget. Yet another reason you skeptics might want to look into it is the fact that you would be able to move faster than a traditional ground vehicle. so now even the busiest of bosses can go annoy there workers faster.

Reading response #8 before= 704    after= 1094

obviously the worried moms society of the world is going to have a few safety concerns with having there kids whizzing around overhead. Keeping that in mind, and the fact that people don’t like change, the developers of this new technology are making sure it is incredibly safe. They are even developing a system so that the craft can be linked to air traffic control to avoid collisions with low flying air craft.

(Expanding intro)

I am a mechanical engineering student at Dawson who for the past 3 years has been building and competing in robotics competitions throughout Canada. In the last year i have been able to watch as someone hovers just above the ground. the pure excitement of just watching this outstanding feet has caused me to take a much deeper look into the possibility of personal flight. The amazing and almost unbelievable things i have found lead me to believe that personal flight can not only be a plausible way to get around in my life time but also that it might just be as common as a car in as little as 60 years.

personal flight isn’t just for the busy worker who needs to fly over traffic, it also has many recreational uses. There are literally thousands of adrenalin junkies who could probably come up with either a sport or an activity using there personal flight vehicles that would create a hole new industry in the world of entertainment.

the scientific community could use it to explore hard to reach areas like caves or forests without having to destroy a part of the natural surroundings to create a path. They could even use them the follow and track animals in a less intrusive way then with a helicopter because of the noise difference.

imagine a scenario where a child gets lost in the woods and the search and rescue team and all the volunteer searchers were flying over he forest in there flight packs instead of walking through the forest calling her name. with a simple loud speaker attachment to the craft they would be able to get a message to the little girl in no time and from there they could all have a birds eye view of the woods. Dosent that sound like a fantastic resource to have in an emergency.


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