Research Report

Research Report

Michael Fontanals

  1. J. Gandell

English 103

April 4 2015

Part 1)

Mechanical engineering allows me to improve the life of many through change in technology and the use of a creative mind.

Part 3)

1: New technology is constantly arising and cool new ways of trying to fly are making waves in the scientific community. This article written by Scott D. Redmond describes a new and interesting way to produce lift. Ideas and discoveries like this are the fundamental stepping stones to new and better solutions to our inability to have personal light.

2: Some advantages in investing in personal flight might be the reduction in cost building and maintaining road ways. In this presentation given by Jaakko Rahja, Managing Director at MSC, he describes how maintaining roads, especially busy ones, is costing the people millions every year.

3: Another person trying to solve the fuel problem is Peter Strasser. He and his team are working on a new type of fuel cell catalyst that allows the fuel to burn more efficiently. With new fuel cells we might be able to just succeed at personal flight.

4: This article by Adam Mann in Wired describes how our best solutions for traffic may be doing more damage than actual good. He tells us how eve expanding the high ways will not solve our problems. This is a great way for me to introduce my solution from the future.

5: Of course there are still many, many problems to try and overcome. This document from NASA  lists just some of the many problems they encountered with all the designs brought to them by up and coming inventors.

6: This web site depicts the very real world of personal flight that is on the market today. They are not exactly small or cheap they do achieve flight and they are made for only one passenger.

7: This video showcases a prototype that is being worked on so that the average car owner can fly fast safe and cheap, as well as coexist with plains safely. With advances in battery power in the near future we can assume that electric power is a great option.

8: The martin jet pack in an option for those who just can’t wait. It is available for purchase now and even more interesting are the capabilities of the machine, though once again it’s not going to fit under your desk.

9: People have always had a sort of “Wing Envy” according to this article by Brian Palmer from the Washington Post. He describes how we are now perfectly able to take to the skies in planes and helicopters but how the is just not satisfying. We have always had the dream of flying effortlessly through the skies like a bird.

10: Police response times have been getting longer and longer due to traffic problems and growing city limits. This article By explains that there are just too many calls and too much distance to travel for the response times to stay low. Every year the average time goes up by 10 seconds.


The Interview


Michael Fontanals

  • 1) My interview was with Vincent Dipietro. He is a managing designer in turbine motors at Bombardier.
  • 2) As one of the people at the head of turbine research, and keeping a sharp eye out at any new ways to develop flight he was a great person to talk to. Obviously he could say too much to give away the newest things they are working on but he was very helpful in giving me a good idea where things might be going in the next decade or two.
  • 3) My interview was conducted over the phone and unfortunately he only had time for about 20 minutes before he had to go. The interview itself was very causal and felt more like a conversation than an interview. Sadly for about 5 minutes I forgot it wasn’t just me picking his brain and didn’t write very much but what I did manage to capture will be more than enough to spark the imagination of the general public.
  • 4) Over all Mr. Dipietro was very enthusiastic about his work. You could tell even through his calm professional voice that he was truly excited about the newer things they were doing, and even though he did not share the secret of what’s the newest method of flight you could tell it was something that could spark excitement in most people.
  • 5) My best question during the interview was after I asked him “what are some of the newest motors you’re testing?” he said “well I can’t tell you that but they are very efficient and quite powerful.” I then asked “powerful enough for personal flight?” he then answered with “haha if I answered that I would be fired.” The tone in his voice gave me the inclination that they would have a high potential for personal flight and that was exciting.
  • 6) My most interesting discovery was when I asked him if he thought personal flight would be possible and if so how soon he thinks we could see it on the public market. He said “I truly believe personal flight of some kind will be available at some point. My best guess would be roughly 60 years, but I’m hoping I get to fly a few around before I kick the bucket haha.”

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